Aug 2013 - Madaras

I was invited that?s way i have participated in the place of the my family on the meeting from Madaras?s man and ont he exhibition from over - Bacska.

July 2013 - Madaras-Baja

We visited with my parents and friends to Madaras in a all - days programm lerning his history and present. Then we have enjoyed ourself at Bacsborsód.

June 2013 - Esztergom

It was great plesure for me to becoming as a knife order of the golden spur . I try to be such as was my family , depending of course of the conditions.

John Latinovits from Borsod and Katymar (He is a knife of the knifeorder of Malta)

Denes Latinovits from Borsod and Katymar (He is a knife of the Sefan Holy ?s knifeorder)

Albin Latinovits from Borsod and Katymar (He is a knife of the knifeorder golden spur)

Geza Ödön Latinovits from Borsod (He is a member-honour (Eques Honoris) of the knifeorder golden spur)

May 2013 - Vácduka

We visited the Albin Latinovits?s from Katymar and Madaras castle in the signal of the spring and of the Goodhoping.

July 2012 - Works in the July 2012. year

Unfortunately, the programme at Kalocsa, for the unwaitly event, it got out. The grave of Latinovits Gabor will be visited in the next time, we take our respect for him in that time. The other parts of the programme passed by our planes. The Latinovits Illes? s grave we are going to take in order with the helping of the local governement.

The Latinovits Oscar castle at Madaras excisted at a nice place, at the place of growing grapes. There is a nice lake too. We can see almost the appears of the castle. Special thanks the local governement for the friendly helping and the knowing of sightseening of that theatre.

We are together my cusin Iványi János ahead of my family's grave.

Baja-Vodica /Latinovits Illés's cross/

Local writings of my family's grave, and theirs state after the repairing.

The bones were taking by us for the working at my family's grave, they we removed to grave at Bácsborsod.

The pictures of the Latinovits's castle and of the sematary.

The pictures of the castle at Katymár

The marble broken things fonded at the Borsodi's grave for his state were removed in theirs place.


2011th July - Tombs exploration

The first step in the renovation started the fact-finding. My family is a huge part of the moral and material expenses plus reported so far to get this far, but it was worth it. Now it's your turn to help ... money - matter - organization - work


2010th December - record in the chapel renovation project documentation as an attachment to: Set beside the chapel pepper bikityi road formation and description of the original document has survived dr. Part of the private collection of John Molnar

"God time on the field and Borsodi Katymár Latinovits Elijah landowning patron Borsod estate next to the road in Borsod-bikityi 1880th year of the glorious Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in honor of a large ornate chapel built in readiness for sacrifice. The mason - carpenter - joiner , locksmith , plumber , glass carving and painting work - Fit 6177 86 kr [ ajcár ] were into - according to your budget . These amounts are calculated on a considerable cost , which are 18,000 pieces of burnt bricks , with 900 large and 900 small pieces of red and black cement sheets , as well as to obtain all the required accessories wealthy . The chapel altogether 20-25000 frlba or perhaps may have been more expensive . Exterior length of 12.9 meters and a width of 8.2 meters, height 8.2 meters of frontage , tomyostul probably 15 meters. The chapel is from the threshold of four or five stairs leads that are of interest in natural stone . Upon entering the chapel to the right wooden spiral staircase leads to the chorus and the tower to the left under the hood is the confessional chorus , which is very nice work carved ornaments and the ones that are painted in brown color . Bejárattói Apsis is the opposite of artistic carved altar , which has the top than the bottom part of pure white marble and decorated with black rental , and connected by three marble staircase . Above a ceiling , gilded devotions contained in Ramah is exciting image , depicting the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin . On either side of the altar, a sacristy is a length of 2 meters and a width of 1 meter and a height of approximately 4.5 meters. Mindegyikökbe a wooden door leads are painted brown , brass handles and key recipients . The vestry of each of a Gothic window over the altar. Each vestry is a brown stained wood cabinets , which have three drawers under the table top , the above three are szekrénykéjük . Here we keep church supplies needed for worship . Along the side wall of the chapel , on which a large góthikus window , partially colored glasses there is a bucket and térdepl?s bench in front of them without a backrest and a kneeling pad, which padded and covered with waxed linen . Then four four angular wooden chair is here baldacinum , four flags , two crucifixes and transferable pulpit . Is the illustrious family crypt under the chapel ! , Which he has Borsodi and High Wycombe Latinovits Elijah and Count Auersperg Eugenia born . Latinovits Latinovits Adolf and Alice were buried . The crypt leads to an iron door and 14 steps . It includes four vastalapzáras light in the crypt , one vasfeszület , one kneeling , one light and one eternal font is . Either side of the window is a crypt . The chapel is a 74 -meter-long fence farácsozatos is surrounded by a brick pillars provide strength . In addition, there is a 1000-1200 - kill area , which is planted with pine trees . The chapel in this area with the betelekkönyveztetett " Borsod County and Wycombe Latinovits heirs of Elijah resting place " at . The chapel and Reverend Excellency Gabor Latinovits change . better dad Bishop St. , Canon Lord blessed the cathedral . The apostolic bt . Chair of the chapel and oltárprivilégiummal with the privileges awarded to him in the Blessed Sacrament altar once a day évenkínt Great Lady of publicly kitétethetik that distinction for ten years. The two Papal Breve and oltárprivilégium are rámázva and we keep the chapel . The chapel and the bell is covered with red-painted bádoggal . The entire building is equipped with a lightning conductor . The bell tower 4 and 1 o'clock. This is a brief description of the chapel and the objects it contains . "

Whole documentacion download!

November 2010 - Key to the gateway of memories

In November 2010, we had a successful two days event around in the country with the title "Key to the gateway of memories". The formation of the event was largely due to my friend József Tomaskovity who found those people in Baja and Katymar whose family members or personally themselves are connected to the Castle of Latinovits in Katymar. We really had successful two days where we experienced a lot and also found out the truth in many cases. After the successful event, I have announced a contest in local history of Katymar-Madaras-Bacsborsod municpalities.

August 2010 - Building started

On 7 August we completed the task we set for ourselves 20 years ago. The emotional shock of opening the crypt in May is joined by the physical pain caused by this event. Helped and guided by Zsuzsanna Merk, curator of the Türr István Museum in Baja we have got down to putting right, as far as possible, the effects of the outrageous acts, abuse and necrophilia, performed by certain people, most probably known by the locals. By now this is already the past. Looking towards the future we should join forces to put an end to the present situation, and turn the chapel into a true gem of my beloved village.

To relax when the work was over Károly Szente, mayor of Madaras invited us to visit the palinka manufacture and the palinka tasting centre, which made our spirit lighter after all the hardships of the day.

Drinking pálinka is a natural constituent of the lifestyle of people living in Madaras and the region. This is why Peter Balla decided to launch a pálinka manufacture in 1943. Márton Lakatos Sr., who managed it in 1960-1989, decided to buy it in 1989 and operate it as a private enterprise. The manufacture is currently owned by Márton Lakatos Jr. Madarasi Pálinka is produced using the traditional technology of double distillation which maintains the flavors of ripe fruit to spoil the palate of those who drink it.

Lakatos Márton
6456 Madaras, Szent István u. 105.
+36 30 383 36 62

May 2010 - mages of the past through hopes for the future

The family crypt was opened on 15 May. The public opening, a church ceremony, was attended by the family and guests, and received considerable media attention. Unfortunately some of the programs had to be cancelled owing to bad weather, but all in all I think it was a success. Naturally only the fully restored chapel will be a true sign of success. Hopefully we will be able to find sponsors willing to contribute financially to the full restoration.

Article about the event:


April 2010 - Preparation to open the Bácsborsódi Latinovits family crypt

Shocking - Revolting - True horror !!! We started preparing for the 15 May event. Mayor László Csomor will have the various tasks that we have agreed on completed within his scope of authority. Hopefully work will not stop when the meeting is over. The opening was attended by curate-in-charge vitéz Zsolt Nagyidai.